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Pain... Why do we need it after all?

Why do we need pain? Is it necessary? Why don’t plants and trees don’t feel pain. Have you ever imagined what will happen if we don’t feel pain.

Pain is a feeling. It alerts us from any attacks that may harm our body parts. So if we don’t feel it how our body parts will be protected. So pain is the most gracious gift that we all got.

But then why plants and trees don’t feel pain. The answer is simple. They don’t need it. If we cut some part of a tree, it grows again. So there is no major loss to the tree. But if we cut any of our body parts if won’t grow again. So we need to protect it. Even our hairs and nails don’t feel pain because it grows again as we cut.

If we don’t feel pain who will take care of our body. We will be knowing about the damage only after it happens. So pain alerts us to react to the attacks happening to our body. So it’s a great gift to feel pain. Don’t blame it anymore.

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