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Are we alone in this universe?

Are we alone in this universe? This is indeed a million dollar question which every body thinks. But don't you think it's stupid to think that we are alone. With millions of stars like our SUN is there around us why do we think we are alone?

We are not alone. There are millions of earths like planets in this universe. Many of them are of the same age as of earth. And humans are also there in some of these planets. People like you and me are also there in many of these earths like planets. Some of these humans are more advanced than what we are today. Some of these are less advanced.

So next time when you look up into the sky remember that somebody like you is also looking towards you far away in some earth like planet. They are also thinking of how to go to other planets.

So we are not alone. There are millions like you and me in this universe. Universe is so big. Our earth is smaller than an atom compared to the universe. Let's hope some day we meet people from other planets. Don't let hopes down. People of some other planets will be far more advanced than us. So hope they will come towards us one day, may be in our life time itself.

Imagination Never Ends. Think big, think positively

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