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Is computer getting smaller or mobile phone growing bigger?

The question is about the future of Computer and Mobile Phone. The size of a computer is getting smaller and smaller. On the other hand mobile phone is adapting most of the options that a computer can do. Will there be a merge between computer and mobile phone.

Not long ago mobile phone was used mainly for making calls. But today it is just one of its functions. Modern smart phones can do almost everything that a computer can do. So what is the future of Computer?

On the other hand computer is getting smaller and smaller in size. And the computer can do almost everything that a mobile phone can do. So what's the future of mobile phone?

Don't get confused. Time has come to accept that there is not much difference left between a computer and mobile phone or as we call it smart phone. So it is time for the new device called computer phone. That's where the future of computer and mobile phone exist.

Gone are the days, carrying huge laptops to do our day today business. We have to open it from the bag, switch on, wait for the OS to be loaded, plug in the card to get Internet, so and so. Just a click on your computer phone does all for you from internet, office work, controlling your server PC to calling your friend, watching movie, TV program etc, etc.

But as we still use a calculator, both computer and mobile phone will exist for a long time as our good friends.

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