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How to memorize things more efficiently.

Are you having problem in memorizing things. Are you forgetting things very quickly? Don't worry. You can overcome this situation. Here are some simple tricks that can help you easily memorize things.

1. Are you are having difficulty in remembering numbers like ATM Pin No, Phone No, some amounts etc. What you are more interested in ?. Say for example Cricket. Try to compare every number to something in cricket. For example you have to remember 8745. Do it like this. Sachin's run is 87 and sewag scored 45. Sachin missed his century by 13 runs. Sewag missed half century by just 5 runs. Now if you are really crazy of Cricket you will never forget 8745 for many days.

2. If you want to remember some simple numbers say 93, you can do it like this. 7 required for 100. You will not forget it quickly.

3. Now to remember some names. For this also you can compare it to some of your close person's names. If it's a long name split it to meaningful words.

4. If you want to remember a list or words or places, the easiest method is to tune these words together into a song. You will remember that song and words for long time.

5. Are you forgetting to bring to the office many things which you kept at your home, say for example Mobile, Watch, Office Files, Keys, ATM Card etc. The easiest method is to place everything that you want to take to the Office in a single place. Say for example you have promised to bring a CD to you office next day. When you remember about that CD any time may be at night. Immediately take that CD and keep in a place where you keep all other office things.

Hope these simple tricks help you to remember things more efficiently.

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