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Tips to make your Computer more Fast and Efficient.

How often we get angry with our PC, because it takes too much time to load. Can we make it fast without changing the Hardware? Yes we can. Often your PC becomes slow due to some or many unwanted software's, processes running in the background. Here are some Tips to make our PC more Fast and Efficient.

1. Make sure you have enough free memory in your C:\ drive or the Drive where the OS is installed.

2. Avoid storing large files in `My Documents` or Desktop. Store it in some other drive.

3. Go to Settings \ Control Panel \ Add or Remove Program and uninstall the software that you don't need.

4. There will be many unwanted software running in the background, which you may not have started but automatically get started when you started the Computer. Remove these software's from startup. To do this go to "Run" from "Start Menu" and type "msconfig" and click "OK". Go to "Startup" Tab and remove unwanted processes or programs.

5. If you have installed Antivirus, check its Detection level and start up level. If it's high then it may slow you system. Try to keep it Medium.

6. Remove Junk files from your system. Start \ Run \ temp. Delete all temp files.

7. System Restore feature of Windows takes lots of your Disk space. Try to keep the maximum disk space to use to a low level. You can do this from right click on "My Computer" / Properties / System Restore.

8. Go to Task Manager "Cntl + Alt + Del ", and see which unwanted service is taking too much RAM and CPU. End Those Processes.

9. Clear Junk Data from Internet Explorer. Right Click on IE \ Properties \ Delete Files.

Hope Your Computer will be a bit faster now. We will come up with some more TIPS in the next Tips & Facts. Team Dreamsoft

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