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How to protect your Computer from viruses, without having Antivirus Installed.

Often installing an Antivirus does not protect your computer from viruses. The main reason for this is the fact that Antivirus is not updated regularly. Having an outdated Antivirus is of no use in protecting your PC from Virus Attack. But there are some basic precautions that we all can take to prevent Virus from entering your PC.

90 % of viruses enter our PC through Pen Drives. But this can be prevented even without having an Antivirus. Let's see how it can be done.

1. Open My Computer / Tools / Folder Options / View

2. Turn on Show Hidden Files And Folders. Most of the viruses come as hidden files. So enabling this feature helps to find them.

3. Now when you insert the Pen drive don't open it directly. If you open it by Auto Run or by Double Clicking, our PC will be attacked by the VIRUS if present in the Pen Drive.

4. Now open Start Menu / Search / For Files and Folders.

5. Here in the advance options Check "Search for Hidden Files and Folders".

6. Now select the Pen drive and search for autorun.inf file.

7. If you get one, in most cases it will be an Auto run for VIRUS.

8. Delete it if not Genuine.

9. Now look for all the .exe and .com files.

10. Delete all those suspicious files you get.

11. Remove the pen drive and insert It again.

12. Now the Pen drive is Safe and Free from Viruses.

13. Also 90 % of users use pen drives to transfer pictures, Songs and Movies.

14. Its Better to copy only the needed files from the Pen drive by using above search method.

Hope these tips are useful for you. Thanks with Regards, Team Dreamsoft

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